Our Refer a Friend Program will NOT affect anyone's Rakeback amount!

Refer a Friend By Email

Do you have a friend that plays poker without rakeback? If so now is the time to refer him to and GET A PIECE OF HIS RAKEBACK FOR LIFE!

Refer a Friend Link

Chat with your friend all the time and ready to refer him and earn a share of his rakeback? Simple!

Referral Rate Earnings

Currently any referral you make will receive current market rates for rakeback and you will receive a variable referral rate according to the table below.

Tiers for Everyone
If Referred Player MGR is Over You Will Receive
$0 2%
$10000 3%
$50000 4%

We want to make it clear that our referral % is based on the total monthly generated rake by your referred players; not based on the rakeback they receive, as that would be substantially less!

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