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Ongame will be the biggest European poker network when they have merged with Party Poker. They introduced a new rake calculation method called Ongame Essence in 2010. Ongame Essence is quite disputable because the method favors loosing players to winning players.

Ongame is known for the high fish population in their games. But be aware that the fish in the Ongame network are very aggressive. In general the shorthanded games are more aggressive because the shorthanded tables are five-handed and not six-handed as usually.

Player Traffic (*)
Network Rank: 5
Peak Traffic: 4,500
Avg Players: 2,500
Peak Time: 21:30 GMT


Reliability: Average
Speed: Average
Max Tables: Unlimited
Resizeable Tables: Yes
Operator: Ongame

Ongame FAQ

How much player traffic can I expect on the Ongame Network?

When Ongame has actually merged with Party Poker, they will be the biggest European poker network and the third biggest poker network worldwide. There is already plenty of action nowadays but after the merger there will be action up to the highest limits.

Are there enough fishes on the Ongame Network?

There are plenty of fishes in the Ongame Network but they play a very aggressive style. Loose passive fishes are rare. If you are not comfortable with a higher variance game you shouldn´t play in the Ongame Network.

Do you recommend any software for multitabling?

Obviously Holdem Manager is a must. In addition we would recommend the Ongame Bet Pot software from n9-monk (2+2 thread) too.

What are the consequences of Ongame Essence?

Read our Ongame Essence FAQ.

What is Valueback?

Ongame has an in-house loyalty VIP program to reward its players called Valueback. Valueback works the same way as rakeback and our Betsafe and Betfair deals are working this way.