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Rake Calculation: Ongame Essence


Ongame Essence is a rake and points distribution system that values cash game players in a new way. It was developed and introduced by Ongame Network in mid 2010.

Ongame Essence is all about a real-time-algorithm that measures the value of players by factoring in style of play and relative performance in the last 90 active days. The problem form a player´s perspective is that you can´t figure out how many points you´ll earn. Of course you know 8 points are worth $1 but that´s meaningless if you don´t know how much points you´ll get for a certain amount of rake.

Another major factor is that Ongame Essence favors loosing players to winning players. This means that winning players receive less valueback (rakeback equiavalent) in terms of percentage than loosing players. This is a kind of new poker socialism: Take it from the winning players and give it to the fish.

Is it still worth it to play on the Ongame Network?

Surprisingly yes. There are plenty of fish in the Ongame Network and even if the new Ongame Essence system might hurt your rakeback, your higher win rate balances this by far.