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The Swedish Entraction Network, formerly known as the 24h Network or B2B Network, focuses on the European market and is very popular amongst Scandinavians. Unfortunately US players are not accepted due to legal reasons.

All poker tables on the Entraction Network are Euro (€) only, which is quite unusual in the industry. Most other poker networks provide Dollar ($) only tables or mixed tables ($, €, £).

Player Traffic (*)
Network Rank: 13
Peak Traffic: 3,000
Avg Players: 1,700
Peak Time: 18:00 GMT


Reliability: Average
Speed: Good
Max Tables: Unlimited
Resizeable Tables: Yes
Operator: Entraction

Entraction FAQ

How much player traffic can I expect on the Entraction Network?

Entraction has grown a lot lately and this is mainly due to the fact that the poker rooms, that were banned from the iPoker Network, moved over to Entraction. But this doesn´t mean that the traffic is great. Yes, the traffic is ok up to NL100 or even NL200, but if you want to play above, you should probably choose another network or play different networks simultaneously.

Are there enough fishes on the Entraction Network?

The players on the Entraction Network are very tight and passive. You won´t find many loose fishes but you will find a lot of weak passive players. So if you play a loose aggressive style and like to stab at pots a lot, you will enjoy playing on the Entraction Network.