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Update on iPoker Networks Rake Calculation Change

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As we reported before, the iPoker Network is going to change its rake calculation method. In about 6 weeks the Playtech owned network is moving from the average contributed method of calculating rake to the weighted method of calculating rake. This change will affect every single poker room in the whole network. iPoker is following Pokerstars and Party Poker which have recently changed their rake systems too. However, Pokerstars and Party Poker have changed from the dealt method of calculating rake to the average contributed method.

Methods of Calculating Rake - Overview

Dealt Method:

This is probably the most unfair calculation method. The rake taken from the pot is divided by the number of players dealt in the hand. Even if you haven't contributed to the pot you will get your share. However, many professional poker players prefer this method because it favors their tight style and their high volume play. The recent 'mass sit-out' player protest on Pokerstars has shown that regs aren't happy about the rake calculation change.

Average Contributed Method:

This is the method the iPoker Network is using until March 1st, 2012, and Party Poker and Pokerstars have moved to. The amount of rake taken from the pot is divided between the players who have contributed to the pot. So you have to put money into the pot to get credited which seems less unfair from an overall perspective.

Weighted Contributed Method:

This is the method the iPoker Network is going to use from March 1st onwards. The rake taken from the pot is credited to all players who contributed to the pot in relation to the absolute amount of money they have put into it. If - for instance - player A puts $10 into the pot, player B $20 and player C $20, we have $50 in the pot. $50 means $2.50 in rake for the table in total: Player A gets credited $0.50 (20%), whilst the players B and C get credited $1.00 (40%) each.

Professional iPoker player Joseee77 from Celeb Poker states: 'The new method of calculating rake seems much fairer to me. Everybody gets what he deserves. In my opinion, every poker operator should use this rake calculation system.'


Overall, the weighted contribution method is the fairest of all. Every poker player has to get used to the fact that in the long run all poker rooms will be using this calculation method. Even if it seems unfair that you might loose VIP points now, you were actually credited in an unfair way before.

'I have played on several German poker sites with all different kinds of rake calculation methods. I have always favored the dealt method because it was best for my playing style. Now it's gone everywhere except on Cake. I have to get used to the new situation.', says German online poker pro Philip Schulz.

In a few months from now on the current rumour in the poker community about rake calculation changes will have settled. Also, there is no doubt that Party Poker, Pokerstars and the iPoker Network will continue to stay the leading top poker rooms and poker networks.

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