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Microgaming: No Table Waiting Lists?

Posted by Nik, Subscribe to Rakeback News

According to pokerupdate.com, the Micromgaming Network has plans to remove table waiting lists in their next software update.

After Black Friday this year, the main focus of the Network was aimed towards high raking players. Micromgaming came out with a very good rakeback offer.

It seems like the Network has changed their long term plans. Removing the table waiting lists is a step more in the direction of recreational players. In addition, Microgaming increases its anonymous-only tables: All NL heads up games will be anonymous-only and anonymous tables at full ring NL and 6-max limit will be rolled out at all stakes.

Microgaming apparantly hopes to boost the liquidity with recreational player traffic and to recover the network's poker ecology like Ongame did.

Good luck Microgaming! However, playing on anonymous cash-game-tables isn't poker anymore.

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