PokerStars Rakeback

PokerStars Rakeback is handled through the PokerStars FPP program and is available to all players. The Pokerstars Rakeback equivalent rate depends on the amount you play ,it can be very high for the highest volume player , up to 50%. It depends on the game you play and your style of play because the rate will be calculated using the dealt rakeback method for your FPP or Frequent Players Points.

The PokerStars rakeback equivalent system sounds more complicated than it actually is, there are two different point totals that you are earning simultaneously, first your volume of play is tracked through VPP points, theVPP points are then used to calculate your total FPP points based on your level of play.

These FPP or frequent player points are then yours to spend in the VIP store. Depending on your level of play the points have a value up to approximately .016 cents per point. You can then spend these points in this store for cash bonuses as well as tournament buy-in and many different forms of merchandise including books, videos, electronics and even live tournament packages that include trips for poker tournaments all over the world including the World Series of Poker.

Many players also use the PokerStars VIP concierge service, concierge services a great way to spend your points for custom purchases. Many players use these points to purchase gift cards for any number of different merchants. An example would be purchasing a $500 gift card from say Sam's Club which can be used for all kinds of everyday purchases including food and gas. This is a great way to use your points as the cash equivalent.

There are some restrictions on the concierge service and you can only use it once a month and your total must be over $500, if you are a regular player it is not difficult to get to this level. This is a nice way to save your points and get one large payment per month which is very similar to the other poker rooms that you could sign up for here @

There are many advantages to playing at PokerStars in that they are the largest poker room on the planet and have games going 24 hours a day 7 days a week at all limits and game variations. They also spread tons of different Tournaments as well as Sit-n-Gos at levels to fit every budget. PokerStars has also been a leader in sponsorship for off-line tournaments including the European Poker Tour, the Latin Poker Tour as well as the newly formed North American Poker Tour. They are also longtime sponsors of players into the World Series of Poker where for a small buy-in you can win your seat on PokerStars and possibly become a multimillionaire poker celebrity.

There are also some disadvantages to the PokerStars frequent player points system, the largest being that in order to get the max value from the system you need to put in a fair amount of play on a consistent basis. Players who are going to play a lot anyway don't find this to be a problem, however if you're the type of player who plays alot in spurts say for example a student who plays during the summer but not during the school year the frequent player points system can be frustrating in that you have to play some times when you aren't really in the mood in order to keep up your point levels to get the highest benefit.

There are also some players who feel that the games at PokerStars are a bit tougher and filled with more serious players and poker pros than some of the other smaller sites that specialize in recreational players. Many players will play sometimes on PokerStars but also find the better games at some of the rooms listed here on

In summary if you're serious about playing online poker certainly give PokerStars a try they have excellent games and software as well as what some consider to be industry-leading customer service. They accept players from throughout the world and spread gains in US dollars as well as Euro currency.