iPoker Rakeback


iPoker launched in 2000 and is one of the biggest European poker networks. The network is owned and operated by Playtech, a gaming software development company.

Player Traffic (*)
Network Rank: 4
Peak Traffic: 7,000
Avg Players: 3,900
Peak Time: 22:00 GMT

(*) www.pokerscout.com

Reliability: Very Good
Speed: Medium
Max Tables: 16
Resizeable Tables: Yes
Operator: Playtech

iPoker FAQ

Why should I play on the iPoker Network?

We recommend the iPoker Network for various reasons. Some regulars argue against playing on iPoker because the games are too nitty. The truth is: the games became tougher everywhere. However, many sportsbooks belong to the network and you will find more recreational fishes than on other poker sites. In addition, iPoker made some great improvements. Firstly, Playtech designed a new software which is much better than the old one (honestly, the old software was really bad). Secondly, iPoker had a real problem with the huge amount of shortstackers in the past, but they did a good job to get rid of it (30BB tables). On top, the iPoker cashback is very good and profitable.

Does iPoker still use the dealt method of calculating rake?

No, iPoker changed to the contributed method of calculating rake in January 2010.

Which skins should I choose for iPoker rakeback equivalent cashback deals?

Many skins are part of the iPoker Network and you should choose the bigger ones for obvious reasons. The business plans of small poker skins are sometimes quite disputable and there is always a risk they are running out of money. One thing you can do for financial security is choosing a reliable bookmaker as your poker skin. We would recommend trustful and stable brands like William Hill, Betmost, Winner, Betfred, Expekt or Paddy Power Poker for good iPoker rakeback deals.

How much player traffic can I expect?

Peak traffic on the iPoker Network is around 7,000 real money cash game players, while they average 3,900 players during the course of the day.

Do you recommend any software for multitabling?

Obviously Holdem Manager is a must. In addition we would recommend the iPoker Bet Pot software from n9-monk which makes it much easier to multitable and therfore, to rank in rake races and maximize your iPoker rakeback equivalent cashback deal.